Learning and Teaching Across Cultures in Higher Education

Author: D. Palfreyman
Publisher: Springer
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Category : Education
Pages : 282
Learning and Teaching Across Cultures in Higher Education GET EBOOK
Learning and Teaching Across Cultures in Higher Education contains theoretical rationale, resources and examples to help readers understand and deal with situations involving contact between learners or educators from different cultural backgrounds, as well as giving insights into the new global context of higher education.
Learning and Teaching Across Cultures in Higher Education
Language: en
Pages: 282
Authors: D. Palfreyman, D. McBride
Categories: Education
Type: BOOK - Published: 2007-10-17 - Publisher: Springer

Learning and Teaching Across Cultures in Higher Education contains theoretical rationale, resources and examples to help readers understand and deal with situations involving contact between learners or educators from different cultural backgrounds, as well as giving insights into the new global context of higher education.
Teaching and Learning across Cultures
Language: en
Pages: 352
Authors: Craig Ott
Categories: Religion
Type: BOOK - Published: 2021-06-15 - Publisher: Baker Academic

Representing the fruit of a lifetime of reflection and practice, this comprehensive resource helps teachers understand the way people in different cultures learn so they can adapt their teaching for maximum effectiveness. Senior missiologist and educator Craig Ott draws on extensive research and cross-cultural experience from around the world. This book introduces students to current theories and best practices for teaching and learning across cultures. Case studies, illustrations, diagrams, and sidebars help the theories of the book come to life.
Developing Cultural Capability in International Higher Education
Language: en
Pages: 174
Authors: Sheila Trahar
Categories: Education
Type: BOOK - Published: 2010-12-07 - Publisher: Routledge

To function in the diverse world of the twenty-first century requires a crucial ability to navigate its international and interconnected environments effectively. Such a skill may be defined as cultural capability and developing it is at the forefront of this book, as it guides readers in considering their own experiences of learning and teaching in culturally varied contexts of higher education. Using information that builds upon data gained from several years of practice, across a range of countries and institutions the author considers in detail four main themes: Learning, teaching and assessment as a cultural product of higher education Personal and professional interactions between staff and students The political and personal dimensions of the internationalisation of higher education Methodological and ethical considerations when conducting research across cultures These themes provide for rich opportunities to learn from and about others, about our similarities and differences. In this way, Developing Cultural Capability celebrates a world that is multicultural and interdependent, encouraging operation beyond local and national perspectives. Conducting cross-cultural research is not new, but this book shows how narrative inquiry may be a particularly rich – and sensitive - approach in such research in higher education. By writing as a practitioner researcher who has reflected, extensively and critically, on her own practice, the author here gathers together empirical research, case studies and personal reflections, beliefs and assumptions into an innovative account of cultural capability. Through these rich accounts, this book stimulates researchers or practitioners grappling with the cultural complexity of higher education today to reflect on their own practices, proposing some ways to create environments that are more inclusive.
Transcultural Interaction and Linguistic Diversity in Higher Education
Language: en
Pages: 331
Authors: A. Fabricius, Bent Preisler
Categories: Education
Type: BOOK - Published: 2015-06-22 - Publisher: Springer

This book presents research that seeks to understand students' experiences of transnational mobility and transcultural interaction in the context of educational settings confronted with linguistic diversity.
Cross Cultural Teaching and Learning for Home and International Students
Language: en
Pages: 293
Authors: Janette Ryan
Categories: Education
Type: BOOK - Published: 2012 - Publisher: Routledge

Cross cultural teaching and learning for home and international studentsmaps and discusses the increasing internationalisation of teaching and learning at universities around the world. This new phenomenon brings both opportunities and challenges, as it introduces what can be radically different teaching, learning and assessment contexts for both students and staff. This book moves beyond the rhetoric of internationalisation to examine some of the more complex issues for practitioners, researchers, students and those working in transnational or non-Anglophone contexts. It recognises that although universities around the world enthusiastically espouse internationalisation as part of their mission, there is currently little information available about carrying out this vision in terms of pedagogy and curriculum at a practical level. This book fills that gap comprehensively, organising its information around four main themes: New ways of teaching, learning and assessing: Challenges and opportunities for teaching practice, student engagement and participation, assessment and supervision of learning. New ways of designing and delivering curriculum: Internationalising the curriculum for all students within ‘home’ and ‘abroad’ contexts. New ways of thinking and acting: Developing the global citizen, intercultural learning and respectful dialogue, responding to student diversity and equity, enhancing graduate employability and future life trajectories. New ways of listening: Discovering and responding to new or unfamiliar voices among students and staff, embracing ‘other’ academic and intellectual traditions. Illustrated by a wide range of examples from around the world, this book brings together contemporary work and thinking in the areas of cross cultural teaching and internationalisation of the curriculum.
Chinese Students, Learning Cultures and Overseas Study
Language: en
Pages: 241
Authors: Lihong Wang
Categories: Social Science
Type: BOOK - Published: 2016-04-29 - Publisher: Springer

This book focuses on the phenomenon of Chinese postgraduate students studying abroad and depicts their learning trajectory as they adjust to a new culture of teaching and learning in a new environment. It uses an example from a British university to draw together intercultural learning theories to explore the impact that studying abroad has.
Assessing Language Teachers' Professional Skills and Knowledge
Language: en
Pages: 397
Authors: Rosemary Wilson, Monica Poulter
Categories: Foreign Language Study
Type: BOOK - Published: 2015-01-31 - Publisher: Cambridge University Press

"The growth in English language teaching worldwide and the related increase in teacher training programmes of all kinds highlight the need for greater accountability in the assessment of teachers. The need for formal summative assessment has taken on greater importance in training programmes and requires procedures which do not always sit easily with the development process, while transparency of assessment procedures is also increasingly demanded by the candidates themselves. This edited volume discusses key issues in assessing language teachers' professional skills and knowledge and provides case study illustrations of how teacher knowledge and teaching skills are assessed at pre-service and in-service levels within the framework of the Cambridge English Teaching Qualifications. The volume provides: - discussion of ways in which the changing nature of English language teaching has impacted on teacher education and assessment - examples of specific assessment procedures for both teaching knowledge and practical classroom skills - accounts of the ways in which the Cambridge English Teaching Qualifications have been integrated into and adapted for local contexts. This is the first volume of its kind wholly dedicated to language teacher assessment and as such will be of interest to language teachers and teacher educators as well as to researchers and postgraduate students"--
Voices of pedagogical development – Expanding, enhancing and exploring higher education language learning
Language: en
Pages: 381
Authors: Juha Jalkanen, Elina Jokinen, Peppi Taalas
Categories: Foreign Language Study
Type: BOOK - Published: 2015-09-15 - Publisher: Research-publishing.net

Voices of Pedagogical Development is a collection of articles written by teacher-researchers at the University of Jyväskylä Language Centre. It shares the fruits of their ideas and development work in the areas of academic literacies, new forms of teaching and learning, and internationalisation. Part one aims at establishing and expanding perspectives on the multilayered and multivoiced reality of pedagogical development in higher education. Part two looks at how practices can be enhanced by engaging teachers, students and other cooperating partners in reflection and development. Part three focuses on exploring perceptions of language, language learning, and literature. As a whole, the collection represents a spectrum of approaches and shows the various stages of pedagogical thinking and perception. It provides insights into pedagogical development in higher education language teaching through an examination of policies, perceptions, and practices.
Social Networks in Language Learning and Language Teaching
Language: en
Pages: 272
Authors: Avary Carhill-Poza, Naomi Kurata
Categories: Language Arts & Disciplines
Type: BOOK - Published: 2020-12-10 - Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Sociocultural research has long recognized the necessity of sustained interpersonal interaction for language development. However, less is known about the underlying relationships that promote language acquisition and their relevance for language classrooms. Presenting cutting-edge research on social networks and their applications in language teaching, this book explores the relationships that mediate language learning in and out of classrooms. Highlighting the complexity of language in multilingual contexts, chapters engage social network analysis to understand the role of instructional practices, socialization, motivation, language status, online communications technology, and language policies in the development of social resources for language learning. Discussing popular language teaching frameworks such as translanguaging, Social Networks in Language Learning and Language Teaching provides a nuanced account of the influences of social context on language learning, exploring classroom applications and pointing the way to a robust research agenda.
Encyclopedia of the Sciences of Learning
Language: en
Pages: 3536
Authors: Norbert M. Seel
Categories: Education
Type: BOOK - Published: 2011-10-05 - Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

Over the past century, educational psychologists and researchers have posited many theories to explain how individuals learn, i.e. how they acquire, organize and deploy knowledge and skills. The 20th century can be considered the century of psychology on learning and related fields of interest (such as motivation, cognition, metacognition etc.) and it is fascinating to see the various mainstreams of learning, remembered and forgotten over the 20th century and note that basic assumptions of early theories survived several paradigm shifts of psychology and epistemology. Beyond folk psychology and its naïve theories of learning, psychological learning theories can be grouped into some basic categories, such as behaviorist learning theories, connectionist learning theories, cognitive learning theories, constructivist learning theories, and social learning theories. Learning theories are not limited to psychology and related fields of interest but rather we can find the topic of learning in various disciplines, such as philosophy and epistemology, education, information science, biology, and – as a result of the emergence of computer technologies – especially also in the field of computer sciences and artificial intelligence. As a consequence, machine learning struck a chord in the 1980s and became an important field of the learning sciences in general. As the learning sciences became more specialized and complex, the various fields of interest were widely spread and separated from each other; as a consequence, even presently, there is no comprehensive overview of the sciences of learning or the central theoretical concepts and vocabulary on which researchers rely. The Encyclopedia of the Sciences of Learning provides an up-to-date, broad and authoritative coverage of the specific terms mostly used in the sciences of learning and its related fields, including relevant areas of instruction, pedagogy, cognitive sciences, and especially machine learning and knowledge engineering. This modern compendium will be an indispensable source of information for scientists, educators, engineers, and technical staff active in all fields of learning. More specifically, the Encyclopedia provides fast access to the most relevant theoretical terms provides up-to-date, broad and authoritative coverage of the most important theories within the various fields of the learning sciences and adjacent sciences and communication technologies; supplies clear and precise explanations of the theoretical terms, cross-references to related entries and up-to-date references to important research and publications. The Encyclopedia also contains biographical entries of individuals who have substantially contributed to the sciences of learning; the entries are written by a distinguished panel of researchers in the various fields of the learning sciences.
Teaching Educational Leadership in Muslim Countries
Language: en
Pages: 186
Authors: Eugenie A. Samier, Eman S. ElKaleh
Categories: Education
Type: BOOK - Published: 2019-04-10 - Publisher: Springer

This book explores the Islamic tradition and Muslim contexts for educational administration and leadership. It addresses the teaching of educational administration and leadership from an Islamic perspective by raising issues of globalised educational administration and leadership teaching as it applies in Muslim contexts that vary by culture and social institutions. The book proposes alternative approaches and demonstrates that Islamic traditions have a strong foundation upon which to build in the field and are compatible with many aspects of Western theory and practices, provided that sufficient modifications and adaptations are made. The book focuses on postgraduate curricula and pedagogy, drawing on a range of theoretical foundations and approaches that are culturally and jurisdictionally appropriate in a number of Muslim countries. As such, it contributes to an emerging specialisation in international and comparative educational administration and leadership that is oriented towards a broader and more diverse set of perspectives, particularly from the non-Western world.
Challenging Tradition
Language: en
Pages: 508
Authors: Perry Shaw, Havilah Dharamraj
Categories: Religion
Type: BOOK - Published: 2018-03-31 - Publisher: Langham Publishing

The surge of theological education in the rapidly growing church of the Majority World has highlighted the inadequacy of traditional Western methods of thinking and learning to fully accomplish the task at hand. The limitations of current theological education are embodied in the formation and assessment of the master’s or doctoral dissertation; processes that follow a linear-empiricist tradition developed in the West and exported to the Majority World. Challenging Tradition: Innovation in Advanced Theological Studies highlights the need for these traditions to be reconsidered in every context throughout the world. Drs Shaw and Dharamraj, with their team of contributors, present innovations in research and documentation that demonstrate how we may better prepare theological leadership through means that are contextually relevant and locally meaningful.