Everything I Need to Know I Learned from a Children s Book

Author: Anita Silvey
Publisher: Roaring Brook Press
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Format: PDF, Docs
Category : Literary Criticism
Pages : 240
Everything I Need to Know I Learned from a Children s Book GET EBOOK
"What children's book changed the way you see the world?" Anita Silvey asked this question to more than one hundred of our most respected and admired leaders in society, and she learned about the books that shaped financiers, actors, singers, athletes, activists, artists, comic book creators, novelists, illustrators, teachers... The lessons they recall are inspiring, instructive, and illuminating. And the books they remember resonate as influential reading choices for families. EVERYTHING I NEED TO KNOW I LEARNED FROM A CHILDREN'S BOOK--with its full color excerpts of beloved children's books, is a treasury and a guide: a collection of fascinating essays and THE gift book of the year for families.
Project E.D.E.N.
Language: en
Pages: 277
Authors: B. Mauritz
Categories: Fiction
Type: BOOK - Published: 2013-12-16 - Publisher: BooLogix

Cedric wanted to dream of being a normal seventeen-year-old boy, but instead each night he is forced to walk through others' dreams...and nightmares. Moving from one place to the next with the only family he has ever known, he finds himself in Savannah, Georgia. His responsibility has always been to stay invisible, which becomes complicated when he meets a girl with an even more electrifying life than his own. Questioning his existence, he learns of his birthplace, Initium. The city of Initium is a secret government project that contains a utopian society that has evolved without the help of Mother Nature. Cedric finds that for every answer he receives, there are only more questions. He isn't sure if he has time to learn about history's best-kept secret before the known world is destroyed in the secret city's quest to control the future.
Death at Eden's End
Language: en
Pages: 352
Authors: Jo Allen
Categories: Fiction
Type: BOOK - Published: 2019-12-12 - Publisher: Head of Zeus Ltd

A brand new DCI Jude Satterthwaite crime mystery from the bestselling Jo Allen. When one-hundred-year-old Violet Ross is found dead at Eden's End, a luxury care home hidden in a secluded nook of the Lake District's Eden Valley it's tragic, of course, but not unexpected. Except for the instantly recognisable look in her lifeless eyes... that of pure terror. DCI Jude Satterthwaite heads up the investigation, but as the deaths start to mount up it's clear that he, and DS Ashleigh O'Halloran need to uncover a long-buried secret before the killer strikes again... The second in the unmissable, Lake District-set, DCI Jude Satterthwaite series.
Eden's Shadow
Language: en
Pages: 224
Authors: Jenna Ryan
Categories: Fiction
Type: BOOK - Published: 2012-02-15 - Publisher: Harlequin

KISSES AND CURSES MADE FOR BEWITCHING BEDFELLOWS Like a specter, Detective Armand LaMorte moved with the shadows, stealthy and secretive, and was an expert tracker. Crescent City criminals didn't have a chance when he was on their trail—and no woman had a chance of resisting his native-born allure…. Eden Bennett was no exception. In her darkest hours, Armand offered her strength and safety while a decades-old mystery threatened to destroy what was left of her family. Ensconced in Armand's cloak of security, she knew no danger. But a killer was closing in…on them both.
Eden Restored
Language: en
Pages: 462
Authors: Angela Fattig
Categories: Fiction
Type: BOOK - Published: 2015-02-09 - Publisher: Misfit Toy Publishing

Jay Winder is back in the conclusion of the Invasion Trilogy. He and Mandi have taken in a small child and now must fight to protect her and save the world from Lucifer, not Aliens. Lucifer will not go down without a fight! He will stop at nothing to get what he wants and he is not above killing a child to do it. Characters you have come to love and a few new characters come to help Jay in the final battle. Will Jay crumble when faced with an added lose he will encounter or will he prevail? The finally battle between Good and Evil. Love lost, love found, and families who were torn apart will they be reunited? In the end, there can be only one…
At Eden's Gate: Whole Health and Well-Being
Language: en
Pages: 378
Authors: Evelyn Maxwell M.N.
Categories: Religion
Type: BOOK - Published: 2016-03-10 - Publisher: WestBow Press

Self-Improvement Health Spirituality A Holistic Approach to Wellness for Every Person In todays world, there are pills or powders for almost all ills. But many people prefer to avoid medications. Mrs. Maxwell has done a masterpiece of research and writing for just such persons. In clear style she describes how to coordinate the necessary resources for health--proper nutrition, exercise, rest, nurture of mind and spirit, and positive interpersonal relations. If you are interested in a balanced and healthy lifestyle, read this book! Grace H. Ketterman, M.D. Psychiatrist and author of two dozen popular books Discover mind-body connections Increase understanding of mental health Learn stress reduction methods Step out of vicious circles Improve communication skills Reduce interpersonal conflicts Enjoy significant others Learn how to help others change Learn how essential nutrients enhance health Enlarge your library list of resources Appreciate common values of other faiths Improve work and community relations Resolve religious quandaries Become spiritually alive Recommended reading for helping professionals
Eden's Child
Language: en
Pages: 210
Authors: Margaret Blake
Categories: Fiction
Type: BOOK - Published: 2007-01-01 - Publisher: Simon and Schuster

The victim of a hit and run, Maddy cannot remember anything. When she arrives in Australia, a place that seems alien to her, she discovers that her husband, Nevis Ballantyne, hates her. He tells her she is a thief and a liar. Perhaps it would be better if she never remembered. She is ashamed of the person Nevis says she is. Yet in spite of his animosity towards her, she cannot stop herself being attracted to him
Sceptres and crowns, and The flag of truce, by the author of 'The wide, wide world'.
Language: en
Pages: 411
Authors: Susan Bogert Warner
Categories: Fiction
Type: BOOK - Published: 1875 - Publisher:

Books about Sceptres and crowns, and The flag of truce, by the author of 'The wide, wide world'.
Eden's Story
Language: en
Pages: 797
Authors: Chris Beckett
Categories: Fiction
Type: BOOK - Published: 2017-06-01 - Publisher: Atlantic Books

The fascinating Eden trilogy, now, for the first time, collated as one e-book Dark Eden You live in Eden. You are a member of the Family, one of 532 descendants of Angela and Tommy, two marooned explorers. Sheltering beneath the Forest's lantern trees, slowly starving, the Oldest recount legends of a time when men and women made boats that could travel between worlds. One day, they will come back for you. You are John Redlantern. You will break the laws of Eden, shatter the Family and change history. You will be the first to venture into the Dark and the first to discover the truth about Eden. Mother of Eden Generations after the break up of the human family of Eden, the Johnfolk emphasise knowledge and innovation, the Davidfolk tradition and cohesion. Both claim to be the favoured children of a long-dead woman from Earth known as Gela, the mother of them all. When Starlight Brooking meets a strange, powerful man, she believes he will offer an outlet for her ambition and energy. But she has no idea that she will be a stand-in for Gela herself. And she has no idea of the enemies she will make, no inkling that a time will come when she, like John Redlantern, will choose to kill... Daughter of Eden A dangerous era has dawned for Eden. After generations of division and disagreement, the two populations of Eden have finally broken their tentative peace, giving way to bloodshed and slaughter. Angie Redlantern must flee withher family to the place where it all started, the stone circle where the people from Earth first landed, where the story of Gela - the mother of them all - began. It is there that Angie witnesses the most extraordinary event, one that will change the history of Eden forever. It will alter their future and re-shape their past. It is both a beginning and an ending.
House documents
Language: en
Authors: Chris Beckett
Categories: Fiction
Type: BOOK - Published: 1886 - Publisher:

Books about House documents
Language: en
Pages: 232
Authors: Jove Belle
Categories: Fiction
Type: BOOK - Published: 2009-12-01 - Publisher: Bold Strokes Books Inc

Eden Metcalf wants nothing more than to flee from her troubled past and travel the open road, until she runs into rancher Brandi Cornwell. Eden is fleeing a past filled with blood and death that promises to forever haunt her. She travels aimlessly until the day her motorcycle breaks down in the middle of nowhere, southern Idaho, and in rides Brandi Cornwell. Brandi Cornwell lives a simple life on her Idaho ranch. She works hard, struggles to make ends meet, and follows the Golden Rule. The only thing missing is a good woman to share the sunsets, and as much as she'd like that woman to be Eden, Brandi senses the turmoil within her, and buries her feelings, knowing that whatever Eden's running from, it's going to take her away from Idaho and from whatever chance they might have at love.
Metal and Ash
Language: en
Pages: 422
Authors: Jake Bible
Categories: Fiction
Type: BOOK - Published: 2019-10-04 - Publisher: Jake Bible Fiction LLC

Will fifty foot battle mechs be enough against hundreds of thousands of techno-zombies ready to wipe everything living off the scorched map that is the wasteland? Alliances are formed and broken, mech pilots are made and murdered, secrets are revealed and agendas destroyed, and thousands of bodies fall and rise again What began in the wasteland of DEAD MECH, continued alongside in Europe and Asia in The Americans, now has its epic conclusion in Metal and Ash! Reviews: “Wow wow wow!!!! I literally could not stop reading this book. Action packed all the way to the last page. I'm sad that it's over.”- Amy, Goodreads review “A great end to the Apex series.”- Matt, Goodreads review “To start in, this was the best of the 3 books. Hands down, I felt that as a whole, this last book was the real prize.”- Bex, Goodreads review Keywords: zombies, mech, post-apocalyptic, mecha, wasteland, apocalypse, science fiction, undead, mechs, scifi, action/adventure, military, armor, power armor, cyberpunk, technothriller, post-apocalypse, techno-zombies Key Phrases: the walking dead, apocalyptic fiction, apocalyptic books, post-apocalypse books, zombie apocalypse weapons, mech warrior, battletech, post-apocalyptic books, post-apocalyptic fiction, post-apocalyptic collection, zombie apocalypse survival kit, zombie apocalypse books, battle machine books, military science fiction kindle books, technothriller books, military scifi books Other books by Jake Bible: By Series: Roak: Galactic Bounty Hunter Series The Z-Burbia Series The Mega/Team Grendel Thrillers The Flipside Sagas Max Rage: Intergalactic Badass! Black Box Inc. Series Dead Mech/The Apex Trilogy The Salvage Merc One Series Fighting Iron Series Dead Team Alpha Series The AntiBio Series The Kaiju Winter Series Reign of Four By Genre: Science Fiction- Roak: Galactic Bounty Hunter Series Max Rage: Intergalactic Badass! The Flipside Sagas The Salvage Merc One Series Drop Team Zero Outpost Hell Galactic Vice Agent Prime Dead Mech/The Apex Trilogy Fighting Iron Series Mech Corps Reign of Four The AntiBio Series In Perpetuity Thriller/Action/Adventure- Max Rage: Intergalactic Badass! The Mega/Team Grendel Thrillers The Flipside Sagas Blood Cruise Agent Prime Galactic Vice Post-Apocalyptic- The Z-Burbia Series Dead Team Alpha Series Dead Mech/The Apex Trilogy EverRealm Fighting Iron Series The AntiBio Series The Kaiju Winter Series Zombies!- The Z-Burbia Series Dead Team Alpha Series Dead Mech/The Apex Trilogy EverRealm Horror- The Z-Burbia Series Blood Cruise Stone Cold Bastards Fantasy/Urban Fantasy/Dark Fantasy- Black Box Inc. Series Stone Cold Bastards EverRealm YA/MG Novels- ScareScapes! (middle grade scifi adventure Intentional Haunting (2014 Bram Stoker Award Finalist- YA horror) Little Dead Man (YA zombie apocalypse)
Language: en
Pages: 848
Authors: Austen J. Hesler
Categories: Fiction
Type: BOOK - Published: 2022-05-04 - Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

An impoverished pair of brothers is called upon by their king to complete a series of tasks, tossing them into an adventure fraught with danger that has them questioning their own morality and the purity of the king's intentions. Zanba and Hamman are thrown into an epic journey full of legendary heroes, a forgotten past, new and old friends, Divine intervention, monsters of mythical proportions, and the true evil of men. They must fight to save themselves, the ones they love, and Gaia from otherworldly forces striving to plunge their realm into a darkness that was foretold long ago.