Tears of Salt A Doctor s Story

Author: Pietro Bartolo
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
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Category : Biography & Autobiography
Pages : 224
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“Tears of Salt… reveals the human side of suffering through the life of one man.” —Adele Annesi, Washington Independent Review of Books Situated more than one hundred miles off Italy’s southern coast, the rocky island of Lampedusa has hit world headlines in recent years as the first port of call for hundreds of thousands of African and Middle Eastern refugees fleeing civil war and terrorism and hoping to make a new life in Europe. Dr. Pietro Bartolo, who runs the lone medical clinic on the island, has been caring for many of them—both the living and the dead—for a quarter century. Tears of Salt is Dr. Bartolo’s moving account of his life and work set against one of the signal crises of our time. With quiet dignity and an unshakable moral center, he tells unforgettable tales of pain and hope, stories of those who didn’t make it and those who did.
Doctors' Stories
Language: en
Pages: 205
Authors: Kathryn Montgomery Hunter, Kathryn Montgomery
Categories: Literary Criticism
Type: BOOK - Published: 1991 - Publisher: Princeton University Press

A patient's job is to tell the physician what hurts, and the physician's job is to fix it. But how does the physician know what is wrong? What becomes of the patient's story when the patient becomes a case? Addressing readers on both sides of the patient-physician encounter, Kathryn Hunter looks at medicine as an art that relies heavily on telling and interpreting a story--the patient's story of illness and its symptoms.
The Doctor's Stories
Language: en
Pages: 318
Authors: Charles T. Chase, MD
Categories: Biography & Autobiography
Type: BOOK - Published: 2014-12-19 - Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

After reading William Carlos Williams’ The Doctor Stories the patients of my own past began to haunt me. Driving in my car, musing in elevators, winding down at my desk at the end of the work day; the patients in my own past just crowded out all thoughts in my mind. Their compelling stories nearly became an obsession. I began to keep a journal. In it, I kept track of who was haunting me and as much of their story as I could remember. As their numbers grew and I had more details clear in my mind, their stories took form and shape. I have always been one that remembers people by their face more than their name and the faces would appear and their stories would come back to me as though it was yesterday. Some of these patients had not been remembered for over thirty years going back to my time as a student and intern. And yet when I started to compose at my computer, the words just flowed. The stories wrote themselves. The emotions attached to the patients had not dimmed and propelled me forward in the effort to put their stories down in narrative form. There are scores of patients whose stories came back to me that I have organized into approximately 30 different chapters. Each story stands alone but all have the common themes of pathos, compassion, trial and triumph of the human spirit. The theme of the triumph of the human spirit suffuses the entire book. I am continually amazed at how humans can handle what life throws at them. We never know how much we can handle until we are asked to rise above extraordinary circumstances. At the same time there are the oddly amusing stories. Sometimes it is enough just to put a smile on one’s face. There are stories like that too. The patients in my book all have had to deal with the extraordinary. Everyone is vulnerable to illness and death. The patients described in the pages of my book stand out in some way as remarkable. The book is a memoir, but it is not about me. The book is about the patients and their struggles.
Internal Medicine: A Doctor's Stories
Language: en
Pages: 288
Authors: Terrence Holt
Categories: Biography & Autobiography
Type: BOOK - Published: 2014-09-08 - Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

Named one of the Best Books of the Year by Kirkus Reviews and BookPage “Illuminates human fragility in tales both lyrical and soul-wrenching.” —Danielle Ofri, New York Times Book Review In this “artful, unfailingly human, and understandable” (Boston Globe) account inspired by his own experiences becoming a doctor, Terrence Holt puts readers on the front lines of the harrowing crucible of a medical residency. A medical classic in the making, hailed by critics as capturing “the feelings of a young doctor’s three-year hospital residency . . . better than anything else I have ever read” (Susan Okie, Washington Post), Holt brings a writer’s touch and a doctor’s eye to nine unforgettable stories where the intricacies of modern medicine confront the mysteries of the human spirit. Internal Medicine captures the “stark moments of success and failure, pride and shame, courage and cowardice, self-reflection and obtuse blindness that mark the years of clinical training” (Jerome Groopman, New York Review of Books), portraying not only a doctor’s struggle with sickness and suffering but also the fears and frailties each of us—doctor and patient—bring to the bedside.
A Doctors Story Of Life & Death
Language: en
Authors: Kakarla Subbarao, Arun K Tiwari
Categories: Biography & Autobiography
Type: BOOK - Published: - Publisher: Prabhat Prakashan

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Doctors and Patients
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Authors: Cecil Helman
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An anthology of classic writing and short stories about doctors, patients, illness and health that illuminates the relationships between doctors and patients in the past and today, this volume features writings by world-famous authors, many of whom were also physicians.
Patients and Doctors
Language: en
Pages: 221
Authors: Jeffrey M. Borkan, Shmuel Reis, Dov Steinmetz, Jack H. Medalie
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How patients heal doctors In Patients and Doctors, physicians from around the world share stories of the patients they'll never forget, patients who have changed the way they practice medicine. Their thoughtful reflections on a variety of themes--from suffering to humor to death--help us to understand the experience of doctoring, in all its ordinary and extraordinary aspects. In settings as diverse as Slovenia and Sweden, Cambodia and New Jersey, we learn what makes the healer feel graced with insight or scarred with misadventure. In Washington State, we anguish with patient and doctor alike when a young resident removes a screw from a little boy's foot; on the Israeli-Jordanian border, a woman goes into labor just as the air-raid sirens signal the beginning of the Gulf War. These compelling accounts remind us what is at stake in doctoring, reinforcing the value of stories in the teaching and practice of medicine: to calm, to validate, and to illuminate the human experience. "These stories illustrate humane physicians at their best."--Sharon Kaufman, author of The Healer's Tale
A Doctor's Story
Language: en
Pages: 216
Authors: Krenie Stowe, M. D. J. D. Krenie Stowe
Categories: Medical care
Type: BOOK - Published: 2006-12-01 - Publisher: AuthorHouse

Susan Leighton heads to Seattle with high hopes of starting a new job. She receives a call her sister is there, somewhere in that sprawling metropolis. Separated from her sister and brother, after a tragic accident in her childhood, she had searched for them. Years later, when she has finally achieved success, her life spirals out of control. Overhearing a dangerous conversation at her work place, she flees Seattle in fear to start a new life. She meets Colin Devereaux, who has rebelled against the boring life of working in the family run bank by participating in his real love, the dangerous, exciting sport of being a race car driver. It brings the question to her mind. Could she love this man? As time goes by Colin begins to act strange. She wonders if she really knows him? What secret could he be hiding? Before Susan can find true happiness, she has to come to grips with her guilt, the insecurities that continue to haunt her from the past. Will she find the answers, the key to unlocking the secrets, before it's too late? From Seattle, to sultry New Orleans, comes a story of double identity and love.
Ernest Graham: a doctor's story
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Authors: Ernest Graham (fict. name.)
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Tales from Kentucky Doctors
Language: en
Pages: 260
Authors: William Lynwood Montell
Categories: Biography & Autobiography
Type: BOOK - Published: 2008-03-14 - Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

“The book lets us see the human side of physicians—the humorous, the heartwarming—the tradition of health care in Kentucky.” —The Harrodsburg Herald From the laughable to the laudable, Tales from Kentucky Doctors present illuminating portraits of doctors and patients, drawing stories from physicians with lifetimes of experience serving Kentucky families. Doctors recall the successes and failures that shaped their early careers. For Dr. Baretta R. Casey of Hazard, becoming a doctor was a difficult journey. Already married and with a child, Casey enrolled in college at age thirty, later completed medical school, and began a successful career as a family practitioner in the 1990s. Though patient visitations and doctors’ prescriptions are recorded on account ledgers, personal relationships and memories are not part of medical records. The section “Personal Practice” gives a glimpse of the intimate connection that doctors form with their communities. For many towns, family physicians were heroes. Dr. James S. Brashear relates the challenges of practicing in Central City, a coal mining town, recalling an incident in which he saved the lives of two miners. Handed down to Montell in the oral tradition, the tales presented in this collection represent every part of the state. Personal experiences, humorous anecdotes, and local legends make it a fascinating panorama of Kentucky physicians and of the communities they served. “Abounds with interesting and amusing anecdotes about life in rural Kentucky. For those of us who grew up during these times, it brings back fond memories of good times and bad.” —Bowling Green Daily News
A Doctor's Story
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A Harley Street psychiatrist concerned at the rigid and inhumane official treatment of long-term heroin addicts, is plunged into a vicious legal battle which becomes a cause celebre. She is found guilty by the General Medical Council of serious professional misconduct.
The Doctors' Story, Rock Island County Medical Society, 1901-1951
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Language: en
Pages: 232
Authors: Annemarie Goldstein Jutel
Categories: Health & Fitness
Type: BOOK - Published: 2019-03-07 - Publisher: University of Toronto Press

The announcement of a serious diagnosis is a solemn moment where directions shift, priorities change, and life appears in sharper focus. It is also a moment when a story takes shape. It is a story we are able to imagine, even if we haven't experienced it firsthand, because the moment of diagnosis is as pervasive in popular media, television shows, movies, novels, and newspaper articles as it is in medicine. Exploring stories about diagnosis and pondering the impact they have on how we experience health and disease, Diagnosis: Truths and Tales shares stories written from the perspectives of both those who receive diagnoses and those who deliver them, and confronts how we address illness in our personal lives and in popular media.